University Policy

Better communication and transparency in the StuPa

At present it is very difficult for outsiders to find out about the activities of the StuPa. Therefore, we are committed to ensure that the StuPa website is regularly updated and that the protocols of the meetings are easily accessible. We also want to establish a social media presence of the StuPa.

Strengthening of the AStA

The Asta is currently understaffed. We therefore want to work towards improving cooperation between the Stupa and Asta. In addition, higher compensation for activities at the Asta is to be made available in order to make committee work more attractive and relieve the financial burden on volunteers.

Learning and working on campus

Study rooms

Especially during the examination phase, there are few workspaces on the campus. Therefore we want to check the availability of additional group workspaces on campus.


It is impossible to imagine modern everyday university life without the use of technical equipment such as laptops or tablets. For this reason, power sockets must be made available throughout the workplace.


State-wide semester ticket

Negotiations are currently underway for a semester ticket covering the whole of Rhineland-Palatinate. Affordable mobility is an important concern for us. We therefore welcome extensions to the area of validity of the current semester ticket and want to support this in the ongoing negotiations.

Bike friendly campus

Kaiserslautern is miles away from a bicycle-friendly community – the car dominates. The campus could be a pioneer in this respect. More bicycle parking spaces are needed for this. In addition, the safety of the existing bicycle stands is an area of concern for us. The offer of „Nextbike“ should be further improved.

Climate protection

Climate neutral campus

Our university should take on a role model position in climate action. We advocate that the university should obtain energy from renewable sources. The installation of new photovoltaic systems on roofs should also be examined. To this end, we are striving for cooperation with the university’s senate. The goal must be a climate-neutral campus.

Sustainable new chemistry building

In the recent past there have already been heated discussions about the planned chemical construction and the associated large-scale clearing of the forest area on the Lämmchesberg. We call for a sustainable construction strategy involving all parties concerned.


Department for the Advancement of Women

Unfortunately our university is still a traditionally male-dominated environment. About 40% of the students identify themselves with the female gender. Nevertheless, only one in four of our graduate students is female, and the representation of women in bodies important to the university, such as the Senate (proportion of women ~25%), leaves much to be desired. Therefore, the AStA finally needs its own department for the advancement of women. In addition, the work of the Equality, Diversity and Family Office should be further promoted.

Intersexuals and transgender people

Sadly, LGTBIQ people are still subject to severe social discrimination and stigmatization. There are already some welcome programs at our university to combat this, such as the queer board game night. However, there is still a lot to do. To this end, we want to improve networking opportunities at university level.



Most of the buildings on the campus are not barrier-free. This is not an acceptable condition for a modern university. The work of the Department for „Inclusion and Diversity“ should therefore be promoted more strongly.


More vegan and vegetarian options

As a vegan you usually miss out completely and as a vegetarian often only the meagre mushroom roast is left as an alternative to the juicy schnitzel. A vegetarian or vegan diet should be easily possible nowadays, especially at a university. Therefore more and better choices for vegetarian and vegan food in the cafeteria are needed. We want to actively support this in the administrative board of the Studierendenwerk.


Voter participation

The turnout at past Stupa elections was very low. We are committed to developing measures to increase voter turnout in cooperation with other electoral lists.

Postal voting

So far, voting by letter is already part of the election regulations. Therefore, the possibility of voting by letter should be better communicated and simplified.

International students (probably you!)

At present, it is practically impossible for international students with limited knowledge of German to participate in university politics. We are committed to making information material available in English in the future. English-language information sheets should also be included with the election documents to enable international students to participate in the elections.

  1. Lasse Cezanne
  2. Malte Schümann
  3. Nina Burmeister
  4. Simon Strauch
  5. Maximilian Kastner
  6. Benedict Grevelhöster
  7. Nele Ladage